Game projects

At The Game Assembly us students create 8 games before heading out into the industry - 4 games each year. It's a great way to learn how to work in a group when creating games and get a taste of what it'll be like in  the industry.

Year 1 we get tools to work with from the school - the in-house engine TGA 2D for example. At the start of each project, each group chooses a reference game and tries to take as much as possible from it, as to not invent the wheel all over again.

Year 2 the programmers create their own engine and the groups are expanded to include 2-3 technical artists. 

Take a look below and check out the games that I've been involved in creating for the past 2 years, starting with the most recent and going back!

Year 2

First person perspective

Hack n' Slash

Rail Shooter

Year 1

Top down 2d Adventure

2D Platformer

Shoot 'em up

Point & Click