Project 2:

Let's go! Pupforce

Shoot 'em up - Year 1


A young pup decides to join its hero out in space, but when the hero gets captured, the pup has to fight through enemy waves and defeat the boss to set them free!

  • 8 weeks half time (4h/day).

  • Reference game: Cuphead. 

  • Inspiration also taken from Sonic when the player is hit and all power-ups fly out.

My Contributions
  • Designing the levels.

  • Game design.

  • Create the movement patterns for the enemy waves.

  • Place the enemy waves and balancing them.

  • The boss fight.

"Team PupForce" Team

Level designers

Josefin Matsson

Simon Isacsson Andersen

Graphical artists

Henrik Westerlund

Kamil Haddad

Simon Martinsson


Anton Månsson

Anton Shuman

Fabian Haglund

Hjalmar Danielsson


Alexander Kornemalm

Linus Liljegren

Ludvig Degerfelt

  • ​TGA 2D, in-house engine.

  • Tiled, level editor.